Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinterest Pretties

Pinterest has changed my life. I don't know if a website can actually even do that, but really. I've made some pretty amaze desserts, meals and appetizers courtesy of Pinterest. I've found so much home inspiration and many amazing home decor blogs because of it. It's also been a great source for all things fashion and style. So yah, it's definitely changed my life - at least those parts. Here are a few of my recent Pins that I can't help but stare at!

Seriously, just give me a tufty time sofa

I am tray obsessed, LOVE this one

This colour needs to happen somewhere
in my house

I'm on the hunt for an amazing ostrich
painting like this one, love it!

The mirror, the mobile pendant light,
the gold velvet couch - delish!

I love the colours and overall style of this space.
I am debating having my BIL make me a geometric wall 
like this one for my dining room

The black doors, Zebra cowhide and gold tufted
bench are exactly what my entrance needs!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Details, details..

I never realized how many little nick nacks you actually need when trying to make a space look complete. I feel like I already have tones of them placed around the house - which is oh so hard for my 2 year old to resist - yet somehow I still want more! Here's a few of my fav things I've collected...

A Bust is a must
(my son points to this and says "Daddy" LOL!)

Mohair tray, vintage teacups, Gold flatware 
& glass decanter 

Leopard tray & gold keys

My "Jesus hands"