Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Comfy comfy

I'm fashion obsessed. I love anything to do with it. However, unless I have somewhere to go or someone to see.. I dress like a complete slob. Yes, I get barfed on and drooled on several times throughout the day but it really comes down to not having enough time. Unless I want two little boys hanging out in the bathroom with me while I shower, it's just not going to happen. I really need to start setting my alarm early to get up and have some time to myself. Until that happens - which will probably be never - I embrace the fashionable sweat trend when I need to take a quick run to the store.

I'm especially loving the middle pic with the fur coat - perfection! For the times that I actually decide to get dressed, I wouldn't mind adding these beauties to my wardrobe

Those Paige jeans are screaming my name and I seriously can't get enough of the Isabel Marant sneakers. They really would make my life complete - too bad it will never happen :)

Well, the little man woke up, that's it for me!